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Last Update: 2012-03-08

Because the official plugin section on is actually quite messed up with old stuff (e.g. all format plugins there are obsolete), I present here some new stuff (direct download links only if the files are hosted on or by myself). You may find the same or even more information in the musikCube Wiki. At the end of this page are further links, e.g. to the source code.

Casey "avatar3d" Langen was managing the work on musikCube 2, but it is in a very early stage and on stop now for quite some time. There won't be an official bugfix release for musikCube; the latest unofficial bugfixing efforts by jcarrascal were discontinued.

musikCube installer:

musikCube | 1.0
A backup for times of a downtime of the official website. I recommend the use of the Unofficial Bugfix (see below).

Authored by: Casey Langen | Download (EXE installer, 2,9 MB) | Homepage | API: 1.0 final


Playlist Import/Export | 0.3a/0.4a
These plugins let you import to and export playlists in simple or extended M3U (exporting absolute paths only at the moment), PLS, XSPF (XML) and HTML (export only) format. Source code is included, but XSPF import does not work yet!
Importing will add the songs from the playlist file to Now Playing and the actual library (so select "Collected" before when you don't want the playlist's songs in your main library), but it won't create a new static playlist in musikCube (you can do that manually afterwards)! To avoid problems, playlists for importing should contain absolute paths. You can export every playlist displayed in mC (but unfortunately mC has some Unicode problems which causes wrong filenames with foreign characters).

Authored by:
martind; HTML by rajivm; simple M3U, XSPF and 1.0 compatibility by Jooles | Download (7z archive*, 59 KB) |
No Homepage | API: 1.0 final
Forum topics
: "Any update info on import/export playlist?"

Patched EXEs (musikCube.exe replacements):

Unofficial Bugfix | 1.01, release candidate 1
These modified versions of Casey Langen's original musikCube.exe and musikCore_u.dll incorporate ObsidianX's "Smart Previous" patch and Jooles' multimedia keyboard fix (rev. 1)!
Planned: Include the "Times Played" patch and jmillikin's Now Playing code. I'll only host the most stable and bugfree release, but Jooles' latest builds can be found here (OFFLINE). Jooles' source code can be found at his SNV repository and ViewCVS (OFFLINE).

Authored by:
Jooles with ObsidianX
| Download (7z archive*, 431 KB) | No Homepage | API: 1.0 final
Forum topics: "musikCube 1.01 Unofficial SVN - For those who want to help code"

"Smart Previous" patch
With these modified versions of Casey Langen's original musikCube.exe and musikCore_u.dll, a "smart previous" behaviour is enabled to go back to the real last played song and not the song one higher in Now Playing when in Random Playback mode.

Authored by:
ObsidianX | Download in this posting (ZIP archive, OFFLINE) | Homepage (outdated RC3 patch!) | API: 1.0 final

Forum topics: "Smart Previous patch for musikCube 1.0" and the older "'Smart Previous' Patch/Release against 1.0rc3"

ARCHIVE Fix for mC's multimedia keyboard hijacking, revision 1
With this modified version of Casey Langen's original musikCube.exe, you get rid of the annoying multimedia keyboard hijacks mC tends to. It also adds the checkbox "Multimedia keyboard volume keys control musikCube volume" to the Global Hotkeys Preferences.

Authored by:
Jooles (inspired by 
powerasuce's fix) | Download (7z archive*, 253 KB) | No Homepage | API: 1.0 final
Forum topics: "Keyboard volume control"

"Times Played" patch

With this modified version of Casey Langen's original musikCore_u.dll, a song's "Times Played" counter is only increased by 1 if the song is fully played and not just started. Not compatible with the Unofficial Bugfix 1.01 or "Smart Previous" patch yet.

Authored by:
| Download (RAR archive, 207 KB) | No Homepage | API: 1.0 final
Forum topics: "'Times Played' should be changed"

Migration tools:

ITUtoMC | 0.8
This external application (.Net Framework 1.1 required!) migrates the following data from iTunes to musikCube: Rating, Date added, Last played, Times played, Playlists.

Authored by:
akleinwaechter | Download (ZIP archive, 330 KB) | Homepage (with Download,
OFFLINE) | API: 1.0 final
Forum topics: "iTunes to musikcube migration tool (ITUtoMC v.0.8) ready to download"


This command line tool is meant for changing the paths within mC's library database, so you are able to physically move your files without losing ratings and statistics of you songs. It is not an updated version of Casey's original musikMigrate, it's a new program by Jooles for mC 1.0 final. Unfortunately it seems to have major bugs at the moment, so try it only for backuped DB file and on your own responsibility! Read how to use it; sources are here.

You can use the neat SQLiteSpy (no installation needed) to open and modify SQLite databases like musik_u.db or musik_collected_u.db (on Windows XP usually found under C:\documents and settings\[your username]\.musikproject\). You have to use SQL queries if you want to work effectively with SQLiteSpy, so look here how to change the paths with the following query (no guarantee!):

UPDATE songs SET filename = REPLACE(filename, '[drive:\old path\]', '[drive:\new path\]');

As an example:
UPDATE songs SET filename = REPLACE(filename, 'e:\my music\', 'f:\files\music\');

Authored by:
Jooles | Download in this posting (EXE file, 464 KB) |
No Homepage API: 1.0 final
Forum topics: This and following postings (within "A list of bugs and feature suggestions")

NONFUNCTIONAL musikMigrate | 0.1
This simple tool changes the paths of songs within mC's library database, so you are able to physically move your files without losing ratings and statistics of you songs. But because it is from 2005 and comes with outdated bass.dll and musikCore_u.dll, it seems not to work with 1.0 final anymore (replacing the two files with current versions will crash musikMigrate)! Read Casey's rundown of how to use it anyway.

Authored by:
Casey Langen (avatar3d) | Download (ZIP archive, 359 KB) |
No Homepage API: ? (not 1.0 final)
Forum topics: "Problem transferring database to new PC - advise please" etc.

* 7-Zip ("7z") is a great open-source archive format, far better than ZIP. Free compatible programs are e.g. 7-Zip or IZArc.
/ UPDATE = Latest changes | ARCHIVE = Fully functional, but outdated by newer releases |
NONFUNCTIONAL = Outdated and not functional anymore | Paths and code are written in Courier/fixed width, [...] has to be replaced with fitting text.
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